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Underwater Communications and Full Face Dive Masks

Looking for the finest underwater communications systems available? You have come to the right place.  We offer hard-wire, through-water, sonic, wireless, diver recall systems, Buddy Phone, Aquacom, Hot Mic, and Buddy Line products. We also offer support items such as earphones, microphones, AGA full face masks, ComRope. Professional video services and much more.

Ocean Technology Systems is the Leader in State-of-the-Art Underwater Communication Systems servicing the Sport, Commercial, Movie Industry, Search & Rescue and Military communities around the world!

 I invite you to have a look at a sampling of products available here as we are an authorized distributor of OTS systems. Please contact captain Dave Toll Free @ 888-547-3483 and I can help you design the right system for you. Also find all the products we have available at the OTS web site here:

Once you see something you like call or e mail me and I can work up the best price for you.

Captain Dave

  Sport OTS offers, Buddy Phone, a complete line of State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Transceivers designed for the Sport Diver. These inexpensive underwater communication systems will enhance your diving letting you share the excitement of diving while the action is happening. Buddy Phone also ensures dive partners can easily relay important messages like tank pressure, time to surface, etc. Buddy Phone is perfect for the tour guide allowing teaching easy!.

From Microphones, Earphones, selections of full face masks, surface stations, advisory kits, Buddy Phones, transceivers and more,
OTS offers a complete line of through-water transceivers, Hard-wire and support items designed to meet the needs of the Commercial Diver.

  Search & Rescue
Industrial strength Through-water transceivers and Hard-wire Underwater Communications custom designed to meet the demanding needs of Search & Rescue Teams. Built to be pushed all day long, these Clear Communication Solutions are rugged and offers many features others dream about.

Many systems are custom designed to insure they meet the specific tactical demands of military forces across the globe.
OTS has proven them self as the world leader in underwater communications that are being used by many Special Forces around the world and .

Movie Industry
It all started when attending trade shows potential customers wanted to hear and see the product work. It became evident that
OTS would need a demonstration tape featuring divers talking underwater. Come check out the amazing list of some of the shows, films and people OTS has worked with, like: Titanic, Lethal Weapon 4, Italian Job, Cpt. Cousteau, Tomorrow Never Dies, the CIA, FBI, the French, British, Korean and many other Military Special Forces from around the world.







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