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SeaVision  Dive Masks

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SeaVision® was the first to make the Color Correcting filter available to divers, the first to make the exact prescription available in one-piece lightweight construction, including correction for astigmatism. 
The Underwater environment provides a unique environment for our senses, especially the sense of sight. The SeaVision® Color Correcting Filter System restores color lost at depth, like reds, yellows and oranges. The SeaVision® unique process removes selected wavelengths of light in order to improve color discrimination in the water. Visible white light is made up of a spectrum of many colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When an object is seen as blue, we are actually seeing the blue light of the spectrum reflected from the object. At the same time, the other colors are absorbed by the water and can not be seen. At a depth of 25 feet, red is no longer visible to the naked eye. At a depth of 75 feet, yellow looks greenish-blue, because the water has absorbed the yellow light. All that remains visible to the naked eye are the shortest wavelengths: blue, indigo, and violet. The SeaVision® Color Correcting Filter System limits the wavelengths and adjusts the bands to allow color discrimination never before available to divers. This optical filtering increases contrast and depth perception, adding more dimension to the underwater world. The SeaVision® Color Correcting Filter System is also available with your exact prescription; it can also be custom-fitted into your mask.

Sea Vision Classic


The SeaVision 2000 mask offers elegant simplicity without sacrificing function and comfort. A unique, very low volume design.

Standard Skirt Colors: Black or Clear

Trim Colors: Back, Blue, Yellow, Purple & Green

Lenses: Color Correcting, MaxSeaVisionTM & Clear Lenses

Featured Reef Colors: Smoke, Blue, Purple & Pink

Skirt: Black

Price $ 79.99
SeaVision Pf2000 Classic


PF2000 Mask above with your exact single vision prescription  or bi-focal. RX & Bi-focal add $29.00. Call 1-520-777-4555 with  invoice #
Price $ 219.99


 Ultra-Gauge Reader

Sea Vision Ultra-Gauge Reader GR2200. See your gauges and watch. PF2200 with a non-prescription + 2.00 bifocal lens & Color Correcting features. 100% UV protection. With purge Valve.
  Accent Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Purple Yellow  Clear
Skirt: Black

Price $ 175.99
Ultra Gauge Reader

Color:      Color Accent

PF2200 Mask above with your exact single vision prescription and or bi-focal. Call 1-520-777-4555  with invoice #

Price $ 219.99
Ultra Gauge reader with single vision prescription +Bifocal

Color:      Color Accent

Tec Series

Tec Series Masks      Black Frame Black Skirt                    
Tec2000 (SeaVision 2000 with color correcting lens), Tec2200 (Ultra with color correcting lens) & Tec2500 (Sea Shadow with trans vision yellow lens)
A low gloss, non-reflective frame.

The growing technical diving market has asked for a low gloss alternative but with the same traditional SeaVision features. The Tec series is built to meet this demand.

Price $ 85.99
Tec Series Masks

Mask Selection:      Black skirt/Black frame

Trans SeaVision™

Trans SeaVision™ Masks
Colorful, Eye-catching Soft Silicone Skirts
 Blue, Smoke, Purple, Pink. Match your frame with your skirt.
 With purge Valve.

One of SeaVision's masks that support the quest to lead the way in optimal underwater vision enhancement. For the diver looking for maximum lighting efficiency and who finds the black silicone skirt undesirable. Pick a pretty skirt!

Price $ 72.99
Trans SeaVision Masks

Mask Selection:      Skirt Matches Frame Color

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