Is Vaping A Better Alternative To Smoking?

Vaping is not a new phenomenon and was introduced as a substitute for regular smoking. The popularity of vaping and the high demand for vapor in the market shows a rising trend in the popularity of this electronic smoking options. The advantages of vaping outweigh the cost of the product as it is costlier than a normal cigarette. Some of the advantages that contribute to the acceptance of vaping are:

Vapor Uses fewer Chemicals

A normal cigarette has many harmful chemicals in abundance. A smoker consumes all these chemicals while smoking and thus is exposed to many illnesses including cancer. In Vaping, the E-cigarettes make minimal use of such chemicals. They are also made using artificial flavors that are not detrimental to health as the chemicals in a regular cigarette are to health.

Health-Related Risks are Low

A cigarette user can suffer from many health-related problems. Cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory problems are common in habitual smokers. Using e-cigarettes, one can limit such health risks greatly.

The harmful chemicals that lead to health issues are not prominent in Vaping and therefore the frequent health issues linked with regular smoking can be avoided.

Less Addictive Alternative

Those smokers who cannot quit smoking altogether and are struggling smoke addition have found relief in vaping. Not only vaping allows them to have a feel of regular smoke but nicotine in a Vape is far less than a regular cigarette. Long-time smokers eventually quit smoking by first shifting to vaping as an alternative.


In Vaping, there is no unnecessary smoke that not only pollutes the environment but also makes it unbearable for other people to be around a smoker.

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Boosting The Flavor Of E-Juice: Top 4 Tips To Start You Off

Cloud chasing is a buzzword in many vaping circles. Many vapers are looking for the best ways to produce as much vapor as possible. On the other hand, there is a group of vapor enthusiasts who don’t value clouds that much but are always scouting for strong, robust flavors. If you are in the latter category, you need to know some of the ways that you can use to maximize your e-juice flavor. Here is a quick overview of a few tips:

1. Type of atomizer that you choose

The type of atomizers that you purchase has a significant impact on the ultimate flavor that you will get from your vaporizer. Top-coil atomizers don’t wick efficiently, and are, therefore, not recommended for people who want strong flavors. Bottom-coil clearomisers are better choices, though sub ohms are the most preferred options as they can boost both the favor and vapor. For a stronger flavor, pair a sub ohm with a small bore coil as a large bore alternative will allow greater airflow, leading to poor flavor.

2. Reduce airflow

Large airflows are important for cloud chasers. However, the reverse is true for people who care about robust flavors. Reducing your flavor is a better approach as it makes the vape warmer and denser, boosting your flavor. To get the most out of this trick, getting a perfect balance is critical, so avoid closing off the airflow too much as the vapor will become too hot. Instead, adjust your airflow from low to high till you find the perfect balance for you.

3. Clean your equipment

E-juices can build up in your vaporizer tank, so cleaning it routinely is a great idea. It will keep everything tasking fresh. You should strive to change your coils as frequent as possible or whenever your flavors begin to taste muted, burnt or harsh.

4. Store the e-juice properly

The way you store your e-juice can also have a huge impact on whether or not the flavor of your e-juice remains fresh. Storing your e-juices in cool and dark places will go a long way in preventing flavor degradation.


If your flavor isn’t as good as you expected, now you can guess the cause. A combination of the above-highlighted tips will help you get the most out of your juice. You can even try out one or two of them and see if you notice any difference. If you are also interested in producing as much vapor as possible, you need to know about Direct Vapor and how they are driving cloud chasers crazy in 2018. Read more here: